We are shaping the future of room control systems with VISION.

The DIVUS CTP04 room controller is an innovative solution for building automation. This 4-inch room controller not only serves as an indoor call station, but also as a room control unit that is seamlessly integrated into our DIVUS KNX IQ08. With its versatile functions, the CTP04 fulfils the requirements of various environments, from residential homes and villas to offices, conference rooms, bars and medical practices.


The DIVUS CTP04 room controller is an innovative solution in the world of building automation. With its compact 4-inch display, this room controller not only offers intuitive control as an indoor call station, but also acts as a central control element in your smart home.

Functionality and design

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Product image of the CTP04

The CTP04 impresses with its switch-like user interface, which ranges from 1 to 9 buttons and can be extended to a maximum of 6 pages. This allows up to 54 individual functions and commands to be assigned. The visualisation interface can be designed in different colours so that it blends seamlessly into any interior. The versatility of the CTP04 makes it perfect for a wide range of applications. With its switch-like user interface, the CTP04 not only offers intuitive control, but is also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or office.

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Product image in a home or office environment

The CTP04 is extremely versatile and is perfect for a wide range of applications - from homes and villas to offices, conference rooms and doctors' surgeries.

It functions not only as a room thermostat that measures temperature and humidity, but also as a central interface for your building automation system. This multifunctional unit provides comprehensive control and monitoring of your smart home environment while allowing seamless integration into different types of property.


Innovative Integration

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Product image in combination with DIVUS KNX IQ08

The seamless integration of the CTP04 into the DIVUS system, especially with the DIVUS KNX IQ08, offers a variety of advanced features that take your smart home to a new level of security and efficiency. By working together with the KNX IQ08, the CTP04 enables the use of advanced security protocols such as KNX Secure, which ensures reliable and protected communication within your smart building. This gives you complete confidence in the security of your home automation and peace of mind that your data and systems are protected.

Your modern indoor call station

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Product image of the CTP04 as an indoor intercom station

As an indoor intercom station, the CTP04 also functions as an outdoor communication station, with integrated microphones and loudspeakers enabling smooth communication. It is compatible with any SIP standard-compliant outdoor intercom station that can be integrated into the in-house Videophone software. The perfect combination is achieved with the DIVUS intercom systems, such as the DIVUS CIRCLE.


DIVUS VISION: Software specifications

Controllable elements
  • Illumination (on/off, dimming, RGB(W), tunable white)
  • Heating / Cooling
  • Shutter (short/long press)
  • Venetian blinds (short/long press)
  • Forced guidance
  • KNX scenes
  • Sequences (in addition to KNX scenes)
  • Music (KNX)
  • Generic values (on/off, percent etc. )
  • IP cameras (IPCamViewer)
  • Intercom (Videophone)
  • Weather station *

* future development



    • max. 300 elements
    • max. 125 time schedules, approx. 10 commands each
    • max. 55 logical expressions
    • max. 10 mobile App users per installation
    • max. 10 users (PIN codes)
    • max. 12 thermostat logics
    • last 25 notifications are shown


    • max.1000 group objects
    • max. 1000 group addresses
  • Time schedulings (daily, weekly, yearly)
  • Sequences (in addition to KNX scenes)
  • Basic logical operations (rules)
  • 2 level configuration access (admin/user)
  • Astronomical clock
  • Notifications with text and sound (alarm, warning, information)
  • Notifications via email
  • Presence simulation
  • Favourites page
  • Automatic main command for lights/shutters/raffstore/music
  • Automatic temperature average per room
  • User management
  • PIN protection of rooms/elements based on user permission
  • Mobile App (access local and through cloud)
  • Backup and restore
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature visualization
  • Choice between dark and light colour theme
  • Structure by multiple rooms or as single room
  • Room controller heating
  • Choice of “classic” (6 elements per page) or “slim” design (12 elements per page)
  • KNX secure
  • Datalogger*
  • Proximity detection
  • Brightness sensor
  • I/O for simple intercom ring button
  • speaker and microphone


We are shaping the future of room control systems with VISION.


Here you will find the latest publications on CTP04 and KNX IQ. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please take a look at our tutorials or contact our support team. Thank you very much!


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