DIVUS KNX SUPERIO – the stand alone version



KNX SUPERIO is also a member of the DIVUS KNX CONTROL family for controlling KNX systems. Compared with KNX SERVER, KNX SUPERIO is a stand-alone device, optimized for the use in smaller systems.

Once again, DIVUS OPTIMA accompanies the user step by step and allows him to create a visualisation easily by selecting the proposed pre-configured command and application pages. Consequently, KNX SUPERIO unites a simple control concept and a just as easy programming – in one device!

  • Hardware specifications
    Power Supply 100 - 240 VAC
    Display Types 10" with capacitive touchscreen
    15" with capacitive touchscreen
    19" with capacitive touchscreen
    Interfaces KNX
    USB 2.0 (2x)
    LAN (1x) RJ45 interface (GbE)
    Operating System UNIX with integrated KNX visualisation
    Multimedia Speaker and microphone with AEC included
    Power-Button Hardware button on the lower / front side of the case
    Protection Grade IP 20
    Rel. Humidity 5% - 80% at 25°C (no condense)
    Temp.Range (Usage) +0°C - +30°C
  • Software specifications
    Standard Technologies KNX
    VoIP / SIP*
    RS-232 / TCP
    Controllable Elements Illumination
    Heating / Cooling
    Door and window contacts
    Irrigation / sprinkling
    Alarm systems
    Energy management
    Load control
    Weather stations
    IP cameras
    Burglar protection*
    User Interface Web/Html5 (All operating systems)
    App support (iOS / Android)
    Browser Compatibility Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Apple Safari
    Compatible Operating Systems Microsoft Windows
    Apple Mac OSX
    Apple iOS
    Google Android
    Client Amount Unlimited (no additional license costs)
    Parallel Connections Up to 20 (can be raised on request)
    * Requires additional module
  • Functional diagram
  • Setup and commissioning
    Configuration Possibilities Online
    Offline through PDK (available for free)
    Configuration Interface Search function
    Navigation menu with access to all functions
    Drag & Drop
    Multi-Tab support for configuration of more than one object contemporarily
    Setup and Maintenance Network
    Date / time
    Backup / restore of the project
    Language support (Italian / English / German)
    Selection of graphical themes and layout adaptions
    Software update via browser
    KNX Visualisation Project import from ETS through converter tool
    Automatic creation of the functions
    Import rules connected to the KNX group addresses
    ETS gateway functionality also through internet
    Rooms / Pages Arbitrary amount of pages and rooms
    Layout in grid and background view
    Background pictures freely customizable
    Free positioning of the functions
    Extended Functionality Extended Functionality
    Complex objects for uniting functions
    Logic functions
    Value comparisons and conditions
    Virtual objects
    PCustomizable functions thanks to scripting support
    Timer / Scheduling Arbitrary amount of daily schedulings per object
    Weekly and yearly schedulings
    Configuration interface for final user
    History / Datalog Automatically for each object of the software
    Periodic graphical representation (hours, days, months, years)
    Value comparison between different periods
    Energy Management Support for KNX energy counter
    Support for KNX load controller
    Graphical display of consumption
    Visualisation of current load in real-time
    Value comparison and direct load control
    Notifications OnScreen notifications (3 Level)
    Intercom/VoIP* Up to 20 SIP members
    Call groups
    Phone lines*
    Automatical pop-up of incoming calls
    More than one video signal per external unit configurable
    Door opener
    Usable through SIP compatible smartphones
    Connection to Third-Party-Software URL
    Customization Customizable graphical elements
    Different graphics selectable for the functions
    Integrated scripting routines for function extensions
    Users and Security Arbitrary amount of users
    Automatic login thanks to trusted IP configuration
    SSL protected remote access
    * Requires additional module
  • Visualization
    Layout Different graphical themes
    Layout adapts to screen resolution
    Automatic resize for mobile devices
    Support of touch and multitouch systems
    Performance Commands are sent in real-time**
    Animations and graphical effects
    Support for HTML5 caching
    Optimized for iOS and Android
    Navigation Customizable graphical pages
    Navigation through rooms on different levels
    Navigation through functionalities
    Complex functions with pop-up controls
    Navigation menu customizable and always visible
    Single-click access for most important functions
    Customization Favourites
    Time scheduling
    Notifications OnScreen notifications
    Additional Services Weather preview
    RSS feeds
    Internet bookmarks
    Family Board
    * Requires additional module
  • Functions and Limits KNX-DSK10 KNX-DSK15 KNX-DSK19
    Display 10,1" - 25,7cm 1024 x 600 15,6" - 38,6cm 1366 x 768 18,5" - 47,0cm 1366 x 768
    Touchscreen capacitive capacitive capacitive
    Dimensions (Cut-Out) 315 x 182 x 80 mm 492 x 288 x 80 mm 582 x 327 x 80 mm
    Dimensions (with frame) 333 x 200 mm 510 x 306 mm 600 x 345 mm
    Power Consumption max. 20W max. 30W max. 40W
    Weight 5kg 7kg 9kg
    KNX group addresses* 750 750 750
    Scenarios 100 100 100
    Logics / Conditions 100 100 100
    Rooms / Pages Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt Unbegrenzt
    Energy Management 18 18 18
    IP-Cameras unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Compatible additional modules KNX-DSK10 KNX-DSK15 KNX-DSK19
    VIDEOSERVER module no yes yes
    INTERCOM Upgrade (HW/SW) yes yes yes
    * Support of selective import: select and import only the group addresses really needed for visualisation!
DIVUS Project Development Kit

DIVUS Project Development Kit

With the new DIVUS Project Development Kit (PDK), DIVUS offers you a powerful software tool for the products of the KNX CONTROL family, which can be used in many ways:

  • Creating projects for KNX SERVER / KNX SUPERIO directly on the own PC, without connection to the hardware itself
  • Becoming acquainted with the functionalities of the new OPTIMA interface
  • Using the tool as demo software for product presentations

    Read more about DIVUS PDK...


DIVUS OPTIMA – the interface to your system

Both KNX SERVER and KNX SUPERIO will show the functions of your system in a stylish and intuitive way: through the OPTIMA interface.

Thanks to the integrated web support, the interface can be shown on all kind of devices with a compatible browser and will automatically adapt its contents to the different conditions (resolution, size …).
The use of the interface has been optimized for devices with touchscreen and – in addition to controling of the KNX system – offers a huge amount of additional functionalities.


Get an idea of how your visualization with DIVUS OPTIMA might look like. Simply click on the following link to be redirected to our demo server:

username: user
password: user

Read more about the DIVUS OPTIMA App...




In DIVUS OPTIMA it is generally possible to record electrical loads graphically. The UP-DATALOG-SW extends this feature, so that a free configuration of graphs of arbitrary values, such as temperatures, brightness, status feedback, percentage values etc. is possible.
Various types of graphical representation are available, whereby the respective graphical output may be optimally adapted to the respective purpose. This allows the user to gain the easiest and fast way an overview of the current situation.


Here you can find the latest publications about KNX SUPERIO. If you do not find what you're looking for, please check out our tutorials or contact our support team. Many Thanks!

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