The new intercom from DIVUS. More than just a door bell.

DIVUS CIRCLE is visible perfection

DIVUS had a vision - with an irrefutable belief in itself and in its abilities, DIVUS pursued this vision to perfection and expressed it in DIVUS CIRCLE. The result far exceeded our expectations. The timelessly reduced design and the innovative features of DIVUS CIRCLE combine to form a smart device of the highest sophistication and exclusivity. DIVUS CIRCLE is the ideal fusion of form and function – it has become visible perfection.

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Aesthetics and technology in harmony

The SIP-based video door intercom is equipped with a capacitive bell, which only becomes visible when the visitor approaches. In stand-by mode, the black, smooth surface seems to float on the wall, giving your entrance area a unique and modern look

It is your light in the darkness

The DIVUS CIRCLE is not just a video door station, but behind its elegant and stylish exterior hides a sophisticated, full-fledged wall light. The hidden RGB LED ring on the back provides an illuminated entrance area for more security and control. The color of the LEDs can be set by the homeowner at will and wrap his entrance in a pleasant color.


A plus in safety

Day and night vision camera for excellent visibility at any time of the day. The camera is hidden, because not everyone has to know that it is there. Thanks to the high quality of the lenses, depending on the setting, sharp, clear images of the ringing guest can be recorded and stored internally. If desired, the device can take a picture of people approaching, even if they do not press the bell. This further contributes to your safety.

One for your every need

The rear of the round glass panel conceals a capacitive 7" LCD touch display that welcomes visitors individually depending on the time of day or night, and on default settings. DIVUS CIRCLE becomes a digital butler that is omnipresent and always available, reliably accepting and passing on messages. At the same time it is your personal bodyguard and guardian of your house. Guests are greeted, skeptically observed or decidedly rejected, depending on preset preferences and scenarios chosen by the resident.


Keep your eye on everything

IP video door station with call button

No more misunderstandings

High quality speaker and microphone for best call quality


Key or no key - that is the question!

On request, DIVUS CIRCLE comes with an RFID receptor, which eliminates the need for a key. You decide if you want to enter your home with a simple gesture by holding your badge against the RFID reader. Also, a temporary access code gives you the possibility to allow certain people exclusive access at predefined times.

Smart energy saving

Motion detector, brightness and proximity sensor for selective powering-on – which in turn saves energy!



DIVUS deliberately chose the circle in its formal language, as this appearance is clearly different from the competition and is setting new standards. The circle is a form that distances itself from all strictly screened approaches and still adapts perfectly to a variety of structural conditions.

In the stand-by mode, when the touch display is not visible, the floating surface optimally integrates into your environment because of its slightly reflective finish and, thanks to its soft, round shape, has a positive effect on passers-by.

CIRCLE has won several international design awards, for example the DESIGN PLUS "Best Of" Award 2018, the PLUS X Design Award or the iF DESIGN Award 2018.

The circle is iconic, timeless and reduced.

In this video, we introduce you to the DIVUS CIRCLE - convince yourself of its high-quality appearance that blends harmoniously into any environment.


"We were allowed to accompany DIVUS throughout the development process. Our design process began with the search for the extraordinary, an appearance that leaves the mass of ever-similar products behind while meeting the taste of the crowd.

A form that welcomes the user directly at the front door, at the gate, or at the internal reception and communicates through its changeability on different levels.

The answer was the circle, the CIRCLE.

Almost magical, like an aura, the backlight shines at dusk. The soft lighting brightens the entrance area and provides an unobtrusive additional security and serves as a guide. Circle automates everyday functions in an individual way and provides security and transparency in an environment that is constantly changing."


Christian Zanzotti, Designer


The DIVUS CIRCLE is a born winner - even before its official market launch, it already is the proud winner of several international design awards, such as the reddot Design Award 2018, the DESIGN PLUS "Best of" Award 2018, the PLUS X Design Award 2018 and the iF Design Award 2018.

The jurors agree: Form and function unite in a unique way to DIVUS CIRCLE. It is a door intercom, wall lamp and digital bodyguard in one - the optimal product at the doorstep.



The configuration of the CIRCLE is simple and intuitive, and can be made in advance by the homeowner himself. They may vary according to personal preferences and needs, e.g. time of day, day of the week, vacation, ecc. Select between the predefined profiles "Friendly", "Skeptical" and "Bodyguard": Within these profiles, three avatars can be selected: the watchdog, the observing eye or the attentive agent. The dog, for example, becomes an inviting puppy under the "friendly" attitude, while in the "bodyguard" profile it becomes a chilling watchdog.

Your favorite color illuminates your entrance area

The ring of RGB LEDs hidden on the back can illuminate the entire entrance area on its own. An additional wall light is no longer necessary.

The colors can be individually adjusted by the homeowner according to personal taste and needs.



The size of the building does not matter for DIVUS CIRCLE.

It is perfect for single-family homes, villas, residences or office towers.

Thanks to a proximity sensor, CIRCLE awakens. An individual avatar appears, which acts as a digital porter, greeting or "observing" visitors.

Coming nearer the integrated infrared motion detector reacts. The avatar leaves its place to the data that the corresponding profile should reveal. During the day, personal information such as address, family name and family photo can be shown. At night, for example, only the street name and number are displayed.

DIVUS CIRCLE thus takes on the tasks of a reliable and ubiquitous porter and protector in a modern and pioneering way.

The SIP-based CIRCLE has an RFID coupling, which makes a key unnecessary. It is also possible to allow certain people access to the building at certain times, via a temporary access code.



Always keeping an eye on your home

CIRCLE takes care of you, even when you're not around - while you enjoy your vacation, a special avatar allows you to display certain messages on the dashboard, providing visitors with the necessary information.

DIVUS VIDEOPHONE even lets you know who exactly is ringing at your door and if you want to, will open the door to the visitor, gardener, house keeper...


Here you can find the latest publications about DIVUS CIRCLE. If you do not find what you are looking for, please check out our tutorials or contact our support team. Many Thanks!

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