1.1 I have started my KNXCONTROL device for the first time, what to do now?

At the first startup you will only see the empty Home screen of the OPTIMA interface on the device. In order to configure your project, you have to connect remotely to the KNX CONTROL device. Please start Google Chrome on your PC and access it by typing the following URL:


If you get a certificate warning, please confirm the certificate in order to connect to the interface!

In order to login, please use the following user/password combination:

User: admin
Password: admin

Afterwards you can access the OPTIMA Administration area. Just follow the instructions in the OPTIMA Administrator-Manual.


2.1 What exactly is this „Drag & Drop“ and how do I use it?

Within the OPTIMA surface in many places you will be confronted with actions that can be realized by using „Drag & Drop“. This concept in OPTIMA is used everywhere you have to create connections between objects; no matter if you want to connect KNX objects with their feedback object (wizard menu „Connection of the KNX functions“), to connect KNX objects to a new group / page (wizard menu „Creation of the visualisation“) or to add elements to a scenario / a logic / a timer group: in each of this cases you will open the side panel by clicking on the title of the desired sections and can then select the desired object in the side panel, „drag“ it to the desired area and „drop“ it there. This technique is used in nearly all the configuration menus of the OPTIMA interface; once you understood the concept, you will be able to configure the different functions really easily and quickly.


3.1 Does KNX SERVER support also other voltages besides 12 and 24V DC?
KNX SERVER can be supplied with DC voltage from 11 to 30 V; it is recommended to use only power supplies with stabilized voltage, in combination with short cables, in order to prevent disturbs on the supply voltage.


4.1 KNX SUPERIO is a so called standalone device. What does this mean?
The expression standalone device means that KNX SUPERIO contains everything in order to be able to create and use a KNX visualisation. All necessary software and hardware interfaces make part of the product, no additional components are required. On the other side this also means that KNX SUPERIO is a „finalized“ system: the visualisation can only be shown on the device itself and on devices that use the DIVUS OPTIMA APP; It is not possible to install additional software.


5.1 Can I use an AC door opener on the relay of the OPENDOOR?
Yes,it is possible. In some cases the activation of the AC door opener can cause the reset of the OD SIP module. To prevent this a spark extinguishing capacitor (THT 2n2 - 2kV) should be connected in parallel to the relay on the screw terminal of the OD SIP module.


6.1 I cannot find information about DIVUS Videophone app 1.0 for Android.
If not explicitly specified otherwise, all files offered for download are intended to be used for the latest version of DIVUS Videophone app. If you are using an older version of the app you can find the corresponding information here. DIVUS Videophone 1.0.1 The app DIVUS VIDEOPHONE completes the DIVUS intercom portfolio and makes video communication possible also on DIVUS TZ and other supported devices with Android operating system. The app follows the Windows version of the Videophone-Software as well in functional as in design terms and permits as well to communicate with a connected IP intercom (like e.g. DIVUS OPENDOOR) as also to show the video signal of the external unit. Requirements For a correct usage of the app, beneath a compatible IP intercom unit also a VoIP server with SIP support is required, on which the app can be registered. Please note that only the use of VoIP servers sold or recommended by DIVUS can guarantee the full functionality of the app. Additional information If the app is started for the first time, a welcome screen with some useful information will be shown. Before you can use the app correctly, the connection to the VoIP server has to be configured and at least one external intercom unit has to be set up. Functions: • Video and audio communication to the external unit • DTMF tone support (e.g. for door opener function) • Direct in-app volume control • Up to 10 compatible external units configurable • Selectable ringtone • Interphone function (communication between several • mobile devices with installed app running in the same Wi-Fi network) • Door spy function Changelog 1.0.1 rev49 : • Fixed a bug causing crashes if either the caller ID or the caller name starts with an empty character (space). • Integration of different trim functions eliminating empty spaces in various code positions. • Correction of a bug avoiding the correct visualisation of the secondary RTSP stream. Download of the app: Google play In alternative, here the direct download of the DIVUS Videophone app! Documentation: Manual Videophone App for Android 1.0.1


7.1 Is there a limitation on the number of KNX group addresses?

An indirect limit on KNX group addresses exists due to the limitation of max. 12 rooms and max. 25 elements per room in VISION.

The "VISION" visualisation consists of so-called elements, which have different functions depending on their type.

An element of type "dimmer" for example offers these two functions:

  • Light on/off
  • Dimming 0-100%

Depending on each function, one or more KNX group addresses can be assigned to it. For example, the "Light on/off" function can be assigned to the following two group addresses:

  • Switching command (switching object)
  • Status (feedback object)

The "Dimming" function will be assigned to one or more KNX group addresses too.

So in this example the "dimmer" element would contain 4 group addresses but the element count would still be at 1.

8. DIVUS Cloud

8.1 What is and what does the DIVUS Cloud offer?

The DIVUS Cloud in OPTIMA currently offers the following services:
1. remote access via cloud. There is no need for updates on the app side. Only the server address for remote access has to be changed in the apps. Here you enter the domain address that the cloud service has assigned to the device.
2. Voxior voice control services. These were relocated to the cloud area. With existing Voxior configurations no further intervention is necessary. For new configurations, registration at the cloud service is required.
We plan to expand our range of cloud-based services in the future.