DIVUS Project Development Kit

for KNX CONTROL devices

With the brand new PDK, DIVUS offers you a powerful software tool for the products of the KNX CONTROL family, which can be used in many ways:

  • Creating projects for KNX SERVER / KNX SUPERIO directly on the own PC, without connection to the hardware itself
  • Becoming acquainted with the functionalities of the new OPTIMA interface
  • Using the tool as demo software for product presentations

The PDK doesn’t require any installation! Just download the zip file below and extract the contained folder on your PC.

Please pay attention! Never use a PDK to work on a project which uses an older version of OPTIMA! An OPTIMA project is always compatible to equal or newer versions of OPTIMA, but never to older ones. So, depending on your KNX CONTROL device, the newest OPTIMA version available may be one of the following - choose the matching one! (*)

Please pay attention! The PDK is a tool intended solely for project configuration and demonstration purposes. It is not usable for production or for use in home automation systems.

Please pay attention! The PDK cannot be executed properly in newer Windows versions (10, 11) on some systems. If this is the case, the solution is to install the full version of Virtualbox 5 (newer versions of Virtualbox have stopped supporting 32-bit operating systems and are therefore not suitable) and try again.

(*) if you find no matching version you have two choices: (1) choose the nearest version number of the PDK which is lower than that of your KNX CONTROL device or (2) update your KNX CONTROL device to the newest available version first and then choose the matching PDK from here.




The manual of the PDK contains useful information about the correct use of the PDK (for example the import and export of project files).

If you want to use the PDK for presentation purposes, you can use the following links to download a demo project, which already contains a full visualisation of a single-family house. The first link actually contains the backup files, the second link contains always up-to-date energy data for the project’s diagrams:

PDK – Demo Project for KNX SERVER & KNX SUPERIO [zip]

NOTE: the PDK was designed for the use on Windows based systems (32 and 64 Bit). If you want to use the PDK on other systems, please follow the instructions in the corresponding chapter of the PDK manual! Furthermore, be informed that the speed and performance of the PDK is directly connected to the performance of your PC. In order to guarantee a comfortable and fluid work with the PDK, we do not recommend using it on netbook or PCs with low performance. The video shows the performance of the PDK on a PC with Core i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM.



Here you can find the latest publications about DIVUS PDK (PROJECT DEVELOPMENT KIT). If you do not find what you're looking for, please check out our tutorials or contact our support team. Many Thanks!

Project Development Kit for KNX SERVER, D+ & KNX SUPERIO

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